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PHYSICS 309L, TEST 3 1) - How much energy, in eV (electronVolt), would be required to ionize the Hydrogen atom when it is in the ground state? - If an electron is captured at rest, i.e. with no kinetic energy, by a proton and went immediately to the first excited state of the Hydrogen atom. What is the wavelength of the emitted photon? 2) Light with a wavelength of 600 nm passes through two slits separated by 2 × 10 - 5 m . A fringe pattern appears on a screen placed 130 cm from the double slit.
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Unformatted text preview: -How far from the center fringe will the second bright fringe appear on the screen on either side of the center fringe?- At what distance from the center of the screen will the first dark fringe appear on either side? 3) A flower is imbedded inside a glass block with an index of refraction = 1 . 5, it is located 3cm below a plane surface of the block. How far from this surface does the flower appear to a person looking at the block?...
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