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test-2-grading-scheme - of the page’ and it was not clear...

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Test # 2 Grading Scheme 1. 3 pts. for doing the correct calculation for the distance. 2 pts. for stating that the currents should be running anti-parallel. 2. 3 pts. for the correct calculation of the induced electric voltage. 2 pts. for the correct direction of the current in the loop relative to the magnetic field. No points were given for a restatement of Lenz’s law. 3. 5 pts. for the correct calculation. 4. 3 pts. for the correct calculation. 2 pts. for the correct direction of the magnetic field.
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Unformatted text preview: of the page’, and it was not clear from the context what that meant. If a stu-dent has drawn a diagram to accompany this statement, or given a notion of a East/West relative to the page, then the full points were awarded. In cases where a student gave the incorrect no. of decimal places, incorrect units, or incorrect conversion of units ( cm 2 to m 2 for example), points were deducted appropriately. 1...
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