Com134_Ch.9 - Self-Disclosure revealing personal...

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September 2 Chapter 9 Notes Communication and Self-Concept The self An ever-changing system of perspectives George Herbert Mead Self-fulfilling prophecies Particular others – Specific people who matter to us and affect us Generalized other - views of society and the social communities to which we belong Communication with Family Members Direct Definition - Family has influence on us. Tell us where good at something and we act upon it Life Scripts - What your family stands for. Traditions Values Attachment Styles – How we relate to significant others and learn from those relationships (Figure 9.1 Attachment Styles) View of self vs. View of others Secure - Positive, Positive Anxious -Negative, Positive Dismissive - Positive, Negative Fearful -Negative, Negative Communication with Peers Reflected Appraisals- Direct Definitions- Social Comparisons- comparing ourselves with others on specific criteria
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September 2 Chapter 9 Notes
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Unformatted text preview: Self-Disclosure- revealing personal information to others who are unlikely to find out any other way Self-Disclosure: Johari Window Figure 9.2 Known to Self vs. Unknown to self Known to Others vs. Known to others Open-Known to self, known to others Blind- Unknown to self, known to others Hidden- Known to self, unknown to others Unknown- Unknown to self, unknown to others Uncertainty Reduction Theory Very high during initial encounters We Find uncertainty uncomfortable Indirect and direct strategies to reduce it Self-disclosure We hope others reciprocate Communication with Society Race Gender Sexual Orientation Socioeconomic level-not just about money Guidelines Reflect cortically on social perspectives Commit to personal growth-Set realistic Goals-Assess Yourself Fairly-Self-Disclose Appropriately Create a supportive context for the change you seek...
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Com134_Ch.9 - Self-Disclosure revealing personal...

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