8 143notes - Wallowing in sex Elaine Levine 1970s network...

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Wallowing in sex- Elaine Levine 1970’s network television was a conservative medium, but dealt with changing dynamics of gender in America Television serves as a place where new social changes become palatable for viewers Ex.) Deep Throat Three’s Company Wonder Women/Charlie’s Angels-Women’s rights How do audiences react to these shows? Chapter 2: Internet Digital Communication Encoding/Decoding Digital Revolution : Technological ability to encode and decode information Transistor - device that allows decoding of information Microprocessor - dramatically increase the amount of information that could be manipulated in a digital format Allows you to do stuff with digital information Fiber Optics - new ways of connecting one computer to another. Transmit more digital signals and faster. “Digital Freeway” rather than country roads Fiber Optic Switches - Redirect signals from one path to another Technological Determinism Way of thinking and talking about technology that gives technology an independent power. Technological Determinist Discourse- Technology seems to come out of nowhere and they affect
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8 143notes - Wallowing in sex Elaine Levine 1970s network...

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