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III. The Formation of the Commercial Broadcast Industry A. Radio Broadcasting in the Early 1920s B. Two Influential Early Stations 1. KDKA (Westinghouse, Pittsburgh—1920) a. Entertainment broadcasting b. Impact on industry 2. WEAF (created by AT&T, New York—1922) a. Toll broadcasting Turned into entertainment network Worked sales pitch into the entertainment Single Sponsorship - own, create, and promote ad spot on network b. The birth of Networking Network of telephone lines across country connected radio towers c. Impact on Industry Showed the way in which content could be paid for Content will be paid for my sponsors C. The transformation of RCA Turmoil and outside investigators The restructuring of RCA (David Sarnoff) Turned into National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Blue Network-KDKA network Red Network D. The Rise of Networking
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Unformatted text preview: 1. NBC’s Red & Blue Networks 1926 (ABC-1943) Blue always weaker than Red Other companies thought it was unfair that NBC had two networks NBC sold blue network and it became American Broadcast Company (ABC) 2. CBS-1928 (William Paley) Colombia Broadcast 3. The Advantage of the network model Ability to reach everyone on the country Appealing to a company like P&G Rising consumer expectation of programs Economies of Scale- cheaper to advertise on one network than go market to market E. Government Regulation Regulatory systems that say who will and will not be able to broadcast 1. Radio Act of 1927 (FRC) 2. Communications Act of 1934 (FCC) Frequency and signal power assigned to networks Very selective and competitive 3. PICAN mandate “We will allow you to broadcast, but you must serve the public interest” How is that determined?...
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  • American Broadcasting Company, NBC, A. Radio Broadcasting, a. Toll broadcasting, Company (NBC), Commercial Broadcast Industry

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11 143 notes - 1 NBC’s Red& Blue Networks...

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