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When Music Gets Industrialized I. Music Culture and Media Technology a. Participatory music culture a.i. Play, sing, and dance b. Passive music culture b.i. From playing music to listening b.ii. From public to private b.iii. Technology privatizes our culture II. The Cultural Politics of Popular Music a. Genealogies of popular music a.i. Where do certain genres come from? a.ii. Tracing roots of different genres b. Popular music as cultural expression b.i. Form of community values b.i.1. Blues- African-Americans expressing themselves and bonding together c. Mass Media Crosses Traditional Barriers c.i. Recording Technology c.ii. Radio Broadcasting c.iii. Geographic, Racial, Class c.iv. Battles over relationship between mainstream/margins
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Unformatted text preview: c.iv.1. Peoples access to new culture due to technology c.v. Mainstream strategies c.v.1. Censorship c.v.1.a. Film Clip: Rock music is a threat to good culture. Documentary focusing on reaction of white southerners to emergence of rock music. c.v.2. Segregation c.v.2.a. Black Radio Stations c.v.2.b. Separate children from other forms of music c.v.3. Appropriation c.v.3.a. One group who has more power pick up, adopt, or use the culture of that of the lesser power. c.v.3.a.i. Ex. Tattooing in Middle East Madonna c.v.3.a.ii. Cover Songs c.v.3.a.iii. Film Clip : Dream Girls Segregation and Appropriation “Got me a Cadillac” taken by white group...
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