202 Prob Set 2 assign Fall 10

202 Prob Set 2 assign Fall 10 - and by attempting...

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ECO 202, Lyons Fall 2010 PROBLEM SET II [Due in class, October 5th] [Discussion sheet to be posted October 5th] *** Required problems *** For ‘essay’ questions and problems on quizzes and exams, your answer must include an explanation of your procedures and why you have arrived at your conclusion; simply drawing a diagram or making a table, even if correct, will not be a satisfactory answer. The same criterion applies to problem sets. In addition, you will gain much by working on the “review questions” in the text,
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Unformatted text preview: and by attempting additional problems not to be handed in (see below). Textbook questions Chapter 7 , pages 217–219 Problems 5, 7 Chapter 8 , pages 246–249: Problems 1, 5, 8 Chapter 16 , page 506: Problem 9 Chapter 9 , pages 277–78: Problems 1, 6 Additional study or discussion questions (answers not to be submitted) Review question 4 and Problems 7, 8 in chapter 6 Problems 2, 3 in chapter 7 Review Question 3 and Problems 2, 9 in chapter 8 Review question 6 and problem 7 in chapter 9...
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