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ECO 202, Lyons Fall 2010 SYLLABUS ADJUSTMENTS The remainder of the course will cover portions of sections IV.C, IV.D and VI of the syllabus; section V is excluded. Specifically: IV.C. Chapter 12, excluding the details on the “monetary policy rule” on pages 360–363, and the algebraic appendix, pages 381–82. . [The essential idea is that the Fed will tend to raise interest rates when the rate of inflation increases, and lower interest rates when the economy suffers a recessionary gap.] IV.D. Chapter 13, excluding sections on potential output shocks and Greenspan on pages 405– 407. VI. Chapter 14, pages 413–426 only ; remainder of chapter will not be discussed. Review pages 1–5 of the Economy Update pamphlet, and read pages 6–14 as assigned. PROBLEM SET IV [Due last day of class, December 9th, or at my office (2059 FSB) by 5 pm on December 10th] [Discussion sheet to be posted evening of December 10th] [Returned with comments at review session on Sunday, December 12 time & location to be
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Unformatted text preview: announced, or my office hours on Monday 13th, times TBA] *** Required problems *** For essay questions and problems on quizzes and exams, your answer must include an explanation of your procedures and why you have arrived at your conclusion; simply drawing a diagram or making a table, even if correct, will not be a satisfactory answer. The same criterion applies on problem sets. Textbook questions Chapter 12 , page 375: Problem 1; Problem 2, parts a., b. only [These are numerical problems showing the link between interest rate policy and the size of the economy (GDP).] Chapter 13 , pages 40910: Problems 1, 2 Chapter 14 , page 441: Problem 4, parts a. and b. only Additional study questions (answers not to be submitted) Chapter 12, Review question 2 Chapter 13, Review questions 2, 6 Chapter 14, Review questions 1, 3...
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