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155 Time and Place Module Spring 11

155 Time and Place Module Spring 11 - sources You do not...

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Time and Place Module Name___________________ Anthropology 155 Assigned Topic____________________________________________ Much of the story of Human Origins and Prehistory is a story of time and place. People, sites, artifacts, fossils, animals, time periods, geological features, and many other things contribute to our ability to explain and understand the past. Our conclusions are based on data and evidence! You will be given and individual item. It could be a person, site, event, tool, animal, fossil, feature, or many other things! You will need to address the following questions in a complete discussion of your subject, pertinent to the course material. Your sources of information must be from outside your text. The item assigned to you could be discussed in the text but it may not be. You may use online sources, but I would suggest other sources such as journals and articles. You may not use other textbooks as your
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Unformatted text preview: sources. You do not need to use imbedded references, just list your sources at the end of you discussion. You paper will need to be typed, double spaced,, 3-4 pages of complete discussion. You will need to make sure you address the following. Use this form as your cover sheet Do not give me a list of six numbered answers! You need to consider and address the following in your short paper, integrated into your discussion! 1. What is the time period we associate with your selection. (specific date, general date, suggested date, cultural period. 2. Who is most often associated with your topic? 3. What is the place associated with your topic? 4. What is one controversial issue associated with your topic? 5. What did you find to be the most interesting fact about your topic? Make sure to list at least two sources at the end. Do not use your text as a source....
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