What's up 8 Spring 2011

What's up 8 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week8...

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So What’s Up This Week……………8 Anthropology 155 We’re going to rearrange points distribution due to several factors, most of which were discussed in class. I have changed these in the Syllabus as it is presented in Blackboard. I changed the total points value for Mid Term to 150, since there was no written section. This should make all of you happy. Those points will be reapportioned throughout the rest of the work. The value of the Time and Place Modules was raised to 50. This is partly a reward for most of you having done such a good job on it. The Culture Snapshot has been raised in value to 30 points. And the Final Exam is now worth 190. This is an official change in the Syllabus. Where the Points are/How your final grade will be calculated. Quiz 1 25 points Mid Term 150 points Quiz 2 25 points Final Exam 190 points Time and Place Assignment 50 points Culture Snapshot Assignment 30 points Attendance (10 X 2) 20 points Preparation/Active Participation 10 points Total Points Possible in Course
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2011 for the course ATH 155 taught by Professor Gnivecki during the Spring '08 term at Miami University.

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What's up 8 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week8...

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