What's up 10 Spring 2011

What's up 10 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week10...

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So What’s Up This Week…………10 Anthropology 155 Chapter 17 Once you get the food and resources, what do you do with it? How do you manage land, water, and other critical resources? Cultural concepts of ownership and control of land operate here. The economic principles of reciprocity, redistribution, and market or commercial exchange are important here. Please make the connections between these principles and the types of food production. Please try to get to the films which you are watching for you Culture Snapshot assignment. They will provide you with one example of one of these systems in action. Don’t miss that prestige is an important element of economics. A person does not have to have material possessions in order to get value from a transaction, and ‘store’ that value for a period of time. Money systems align themselves with commercial exchange and allow storage of value for extended periods of time. Why are money systems unnecessary in cultures with reciprocity and redistribution? Chapter 20 The transition from Chapters 16 and 17, with their discussions of labor and economy, transition rather seamlessly into our discussions of Gender. Gender
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What's up 10 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week10...

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