What's up 10.5 Spring 2011

What's up 10.5 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week10 1/2...

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So What’s Up This Week……10 1/2 Anthropology 155 Due to a typo, I have made minor modifications to the weekly reading assignments in the Syllabus. The Syllabus posted on Blackboard is up to date, and the accurate assignments are listed on this sheet. Chapter 18 will be on the Quiz on 4/5 Chapter 18 Stratification. Is stratification a "natural" system for human beings and other primates, or is it a form of social control? Keep in touch with all that Primate social behavior. Remember what I said about the large canines on a Baboon. Are the for defense, or social control? Is our stratification system just a result of the economic systems we operate? Remember all your economics. Don’t ignore the economic ‘values’ of power and prestige. They can figure in Stratification. Material wealth is not the only way systems can become stratified! Castes and classes are an integral part of many cultures, and make for interesting reading and discussion. We will view strat systems throughout the world. Political systems and how they work. Remember the development of complex systems after the emergence of food production? Please be ready to relate
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What's up 10.5 Spring 2011 - So Whats Up This Week10 1/2...

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