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paper #1 - messages according to what we find relevant and...

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How does our interrelated process of selection,  organization, and interpretation affect our  perception of the Ritter family? The way society perceives Brock and the Ritter family is affected by the processes of selection, organization, and interpretation. The first thing we do is selecting the information that we process. This information can be found in dialogue, symbols, actions, etc. The message that is being communicated is that the son, Brock, enjoys competing in pageants for fun. He enjoys dressing up and performing and his mother is completely supportive. Next, we organize the
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Unformatted text preview: messages according to what we find relevant and important. Finally, we interpret the message. Our interpretation is affected by what we believe to be the prototype of a young boy and creating personal constructs. I believe the prototype of a young boy is one that loves playing outside with friends. He plays sports and goes on adventures. Brock being different from the prototype makes me question what he and his mom are doing. I believe this to be the consensus among the majority of viewers....
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