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Review Session #2 Problem 1 A circus acrobat of mass M leaps straight up with initial velocity v 0 from a trampoline. As he rises up, he takes a trained monkey of mass m off a perch at a height h above the trampoline. What is the maximum height attained by the pair? Problem 2 A raindrop of initial mass m 0 starts falling from rest. The drop gains mass from a raincloud at a rate dm dt = kmv , where k is a constant and v is the velocity of the raindrop. Find the terminal velocity of the raindrop, ignoring air resistance. Problem 3 One way to measure the speed of a bullet is with a ballistic pen- dulum. This consists of a wooden block of mass M into which the bullet is shot. The block is suspended from the ceiling with a cable of length l and negligible mass. By measuring the maximum angle
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Unformatted text preview: φ that this cable makes with the vertical, the initial velocity v can be found, assuming its mass m is known. Find v , given M , l , φ , and m . Problem 4 A chain of mass m and length L is suspended vertically with its lower end touching a scale. The chain is released and falls onto the scale. What is the reading on the scale as a function of x , where x is the length of chain that has fallen? Problem 5 A man of mass m stands on a railroad car which is rounding a circular curve of radius R at speed v . His center of mass is height L above the car and his feet are a distance d apart. The man is facing the direction of motion. How much weight is on each of his feet? 1...
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