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75 THE±RULE±OF±LEARNING±CIRCUITRY Learning Explosion Action Plan THE RULE OF LEARNING CIRCUITRY Take a moment to answer the following questions: 1. Who is part of your virtual-classroom core team? Or who should be on the team? 2.±±What±is±your±“big±idea”±or±vision±for±online±learning± at your organization? 3. What training would be the best and easiest to start with? 4. Who on your executive team is, or can become, a
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Unformatted text preview: champion for online learning? 5.±±Do±you±have±a±business±plan±you±can±present±to± your executive champion? 6. Have you involved your IT team? 7. What will you do to find out what platform is best for your organization? If you have a platform already, what will you do to make it work for you? 8. How will you measure progress? 9. How do you plan to tell your organization about successes?...
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