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ActionPlan6 - Nail-Biters The Unenlightened Other 3 What...

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THE LEARNING eXPLOSION 88 Learning Explosion Action Plan THE RULE OF OVERCOMING BIAS The answers to this action plan should probably be kept confidential. We wouldn’t want you to lose your job because you referred to anyone as unenlightened. 1.± ±Think±of±your±main±leader(s).± 2.±±Circle±the±type±of±leader(s)±you±are±dealing±with. Turf Protectors Creatures±of±Habit
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Unformatted text preview: Nail-Biters The Unenlightened Other: 3. What learning fragments will you access to arm yourself with the data you need to prepare a solid argument for virtual classrooms? 4.±±How±do±you±plan±on±persuading±your±leader(s)±to± transition to the new virtual classroom? 5 What are some learner biases within your organization? 6. How do you plan on overcoming them?...
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