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145 THE±RULE±OF±GLOBAL±POSITIONING Learning Explosion Action Plan THE RULE OF GLOBAL POSITIONING To apply the rule of global positioning, you can start by answering these key questions: 1. In what countries and languages would you want to localize your virtual classroom? 2. What is the speed of their Internet connection? 3.±±What±raw±fles±(PowerPoint,±InDesign,±Word,±etc.)± need to be localized? 4. Are there any special considerations you should be aware of when it comes to in-country utilities
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Unformatted text preview: (power,±telephone,±Internet)? 5. Who can be your aide in understanding this? How will you schedule around these potential issues? 6.±±Do±you±have±local±presenters±to±teach±your±content± in a virtual classroom, or will you be doing this from your current location? How will you account for time-zone differences? 7. What cultural topics and customs should you avoid? Which should you highlight? Who will help you know all of this?...
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