Notes ch 5 11 pcl by stephen covey

Notes ch 5 11 pcl by stephen covey - Eileens notes Chapters...

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Eileen’s notes Chapters 5-12 Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey Chapter 5 – A Break With The Past Covey’s goal in Principle-Centered Leadership is to create a paradigm shift in management training. “Leaders can transform their organizations and their people by communicating vision, clarifying purposes, making behavior congruent with belief and aligning procedures with principles, roles and goals.” – Covey Training Design – process, not product oriented. 1. Gather & diagnose data 2. Select priorities, values & objectives. 3. Identify & evaluate alternatives 4. Plan & decide action steps. 5. Compare results w/original goals and objectives. Three Great Forces – old habits have a tremendous pull. Change is difficult. Three great forces ground us to our bad habits: 1. Appetite & passion 2. Pride & pretension 3. Aspiration & ambition Chapter 6 – Six Days of Creation Covey likens the creation of professional skills to the creation of the world in Genesis. In Genesis, the earth was created in six days. Each day was important. The sequence was important. There are no “short-cuts” in the development of professional skills. No amount of “dressing for success” will compensate for lack of skill and judgment. “Borrowing strength builds weakness.” – Don’t be emotionally immature. An emotionally immature person will tend to borrow strength from position, size, strength, experience, intellect or emotions to make up for a character imbalance. Chapter 7- Seven Deadly Sins 1. Wealth without work 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character 4. Commerce (business) without morality (ethics) 5. Science without humanity 6. Religion without sacrifice 7. Politics without principle 1
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“If there is no principle – there is no “true north. Chapter 8 – Moral Compassing
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Notes ch 5 11 pcl by stephen covey - Eileens notes Chapters...

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