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Week 2 Discussion Notes - Week 2 Reading Notes: The...

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Week 2 Reading Notes: The following development process should be an integral part of any ongoing training program: 1. Capture the content of the material, the essence of what is presented – seeking first to understand the basic principles. 2. Expand on what you have learned – adding your own ideas and thoughts. 3. Teach the material – share what you have learned with others to increase understanding, to create a common vocabulary for change, and to unlock the perceptions that others have of you. 4. Apply the principles – putting them to the test in your immediate circumstances. 5. Monitor the results All real growth in characterized by this step – by – step developmental process. PROGRAMS FOR BREAKING BARRIERS (p 71) Training and development programs should evolve naturally from the company’s visions, mission, and pricinples. Programs should tempt to empower people to soar, to sail, to step forward bravely into the unknown, being guided more by imagination than memory. (p 72) OVERCOMING THE PULL OF THE PAST (p 72) To succeed at breading old habits and making new ones, learn how to handle the restraining forces and harness the driving forces to achieve the daily private victory. (p72) I define discipline as the ability to make and keep promises and to honor commitments. It’s the key to overcoming the pull of the past. (p 73) THREE GREAT FORCES (p 73) Grounding us to our bad habits are the three great forces of appetite, pride, and ambition. Although we discussed these in chapter 3, let’s briefly review them here 1. Appetities and passions. We all succumb at times to pull of appetites – our physiological cravings and longings for food and drink for example. When we overindulge, we are less sensitive to the needs of others. (p 75) 2. Pride and Permission: If we are not secure in our self definition, we look to the social mirror for our identity and approval. Our concept of ourselves comes from what others think of us. (p 75) 3. Aspiration and Ambition: When we are blinded by ambition, we seek first to be understood and to get glory, positions, power, and stewardship from which we must account. (p 75) THE DAILY PRIVATE VICTORY (p 75) All of us have our private battles. And we all have the chance to live out our public battles in our minds before
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Week 2 Discussion Notes - Week 2 Reading Notes: The...

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