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Confucius said, “A man with clever words and an ingratiating appearance is seldom a man of humanity” p 124 Joanne B Ciulla The leader who controls others through fear will find that the control is reactive and temporary. It is gone when the leader or the leader’s representative or controlling system is gone. Pg. 103 Stephen R Covey Ten Power Tools (p 107) Persuasion, patience, gentleness, teachableness, acceptance, kindness, openness, compassionate confrontation, consistency, and integrity (107-108) Leaders who activate principle – centered power through the leadership choice may find they are more careful of what they ask of others but have more confidence in doing so. And they may experience an unusual peace of mind that comes with being a wiser, more effective leader. (p 108) Stephen R Covey Actual Information Needed: How would an ethical leader and unethical leader use power? Ethical is “Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession” .
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