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Case: Innocent or Guilty? By: Joanne B. Ciulla You manage a data processing department. Three years ago, you hired Fred Jones, a twenty – five- year old computer programmer. He proved to be an excellent worker who consistently received high performance ratings. Jones was very quiet and rarely socialized with other employees; however, whenever anyone had a computer problem, you could count on him to solve it. A few months ago, Jones did not show up for work or call to say why. The next day you receive a call from his mother. She said that Jones had been arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend. Later that week you receive a letter from Jones. He said that he was devastated by the loss of his girlfriend. He went on to explain that the reason he was a suspect is because he had argued in public with her the day before her death. When the police came to question Jones, he had no one to back up his alibi because he had taken a long run in the country at the time of the murder. Jones ended the letter by saying that he was now living a nightmare. He lost his loved
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