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Mission Statement Notes - Mission Statement Notes: Most...

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Mission Statement Notes: “Most executives don’t realize what’s involved in creating a mission statement that truly represents deeply shared values and vision at all levels of the organization. It takes patience, a long – term perspective, and meaningful involvement – and few organizations rank high in those virtues. Many organizations have a mission statement, but typically people aren’t committed to it because they aren’t involved in developing it; consequently it’s not part of the culture.” Pg 165 “To be most effective, your mission statement should deal with all four basic human needs: economic or money need, social or relationship need; psychological or growth need; and spiritual or contribution need. Most missions statements do not deal with all four needs. Many leave off the psychological or the need for human growth and development. Some lack wording on win – win relationships, equity in economic compensation, and the commitment to a set of principles or values and to service and contribution to the community, suppliers, and customers, as well as owners and employees.” Pg 166 People need compasses that are fixed on constitutions (the mission statement with its set of principles and values) so they can flexibly adapt to the environment. P 166 Interpersonal relations: Total quality on an interpersonal level means making constant deposits into the emotional bank
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Mission Statement Notes - Mission Statement Notes: Most...

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