Week 5 - Week 5 Planning Organizational Change and...

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Week 5: Planning, Organizational Change, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Introduction: Suppose a few of your team members are not conversant with the system and workflow being employed. Your work output is being affected by their inefficiency. What will you do to upgrade their skills so as to maximize the work output? Could you work these measures into your project planning? This week focuses on ethical leadership with respect to planning and organizational change. You will discuss how important control is for an individual as well as for organizational effectiveness. You will also discuss important concepts such as involvement, commitment, and self-supervision. Learning Outcomes By the end of this week, you will be able to: Evaluate and apply various styles of leadership in the workplace and the community
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Reading Course Text: The ethics of leadership by Joanne B. Ciulla o Chapter 5, "The Moral and Emotional Relationship of Leaders and Followers" Chapter 5 explains how ethics and the relationship of leaders and followers can be influenced by emotions. The chapter also discusses charismatic leadership and its pitfalls. Focus on the articles on legitimate authority and the myth of charisma, the concept of servant leadership, and the structure of moral leadership. Review the subject-specific case studies. Course Text: Principle-centered leadership by Stephen R. Covey o Chapter 20, "Organizational Control Versus Self-Supervision" Chapter 20 focuses on how the conflict between organizational control and operational integrity can be handled. The chapter also emphasizes the importance of mutual understanding and commitment between members of an
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Week 5 - Week 5 Planning Organizational Change and...

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