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Refelction notes - Week 6 Reflection Notes Discuss the most...

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Week 6 Reflection Notes: Discuss the most important insights that you gained regarding your own leadership potential. One important insight that I have gained from this course about my own leadership style is that my culture influences my leadership style. As much as I like to think that culture should not define our leadership style it still does. The values we are raised with as a child are the same values we carry as we get older. My personal ethical code of conduct affects my leadership style. Why is this, because if I feel something is unethical I will report it along with not be a part of it. I believe that to live a good life means to be honest, respectful, and aware of what is going on around you. The Seven Habits by Stephen Covey has also given me important insight to my leadership potential. Practicing these habits inside my personal life will help me to practice them in my business life as well. There are two habits that have helped me to improve my own leadership style. Habit number five to me is the most important habit to practice.
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