Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper

Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper - Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper...

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Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper: Abstract: Zale’s started in 1920 as a dream that belong to William and Morris Zale (the Zale brothers). They worked hard to achieve their vision and had for several years. It wasn’t until fifty years after opening their doors, did the economic boom almost turn to a bust. The promotion of Theo Killion, has proven to be a big success. Theo Killion opens the door for Zale’s and celebrities joining together to create amazing jewelry. The leadership style of Theo Killion operates in line with the company’s own code of business conduct and ethical behavior. Zale takes full acknowledgement of their corporate social responsibility. This is a great company that will make it far into the future. Introduction: From stating our a dream in 1920, the Zale brothers have grown their company into a corporation. Being the number one jewelry seller in North America, Zale has an amazing leadership style. The important factor to Zale is keeping their vision alive and in reach. To do this they promoted their president Theo Killion in September 2010. His leadership style has drawn the company closer as a family. Keeping along with the code of business conduct and ethical behavior, Theo Killion, has created a revised vision. One that is not so broad, but more narrow and achievable. At the same time he incorporates the original vision into his own. Zale’s has an amazing history and great ethical practices and accepts corporate social responsibility. Zale History and Current Information: The Zale dream started in 1920 and belonged to Morris and William Zale. Their vision at that time was to “provide customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible price” . On March 29, 1924 the Zale brothers turned this dream into a reality by opening their first store in Wichita Falls. The following year they launched a new strategy “a penny down and a dollar a week” . The next major step was in 1957, when Zale opens their first store in a shopping center. This is a big change from the downtown scene that they were use too. The next year the Company started offering stock (ZLC) on the American Stock Exchange. The economic boom helped Zale Corporation to become a huge success. However, in 1992 the Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the following year the Company emerged from this dark shadowed as a stronger company for restructuring their debt. “Five years later, annual sales top 1.3 billion, showing profits in all four quarters for the first time since the reorganization” .This leads to the expansion of peoples Jewelers of Canada and Piercing Pagoda in 2000.
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Technology has offered a new growth for the Zale Corporation. Opening the e-Commerce business www.gordonsjewelers.com in 2007 has proven to be a good investment. “In 2010 Zale continues to expand its e – commerce business with two significant launches: pagoda.com, providing an online presence for Piercing Pagoda, and peoplesjewellers.com, bringing multi – channel shopping to consumers across Canada” .
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Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper - Week 6 Final Portfolio Paper...

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