Week 6 - Week 6: Diversity, Ethics, and Culture...

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Week 6: Diversity, Ethics, and Culture Introduction: Think about your current workplace or one with which you are familiar. Are the employees uniformly of one gender, ethnicity, race, language, or other traits? How often do differences in backgrounds, opinions, or perspectives surface as points of contention? Or, do these aspects of diversity provide an opportunity for bonding and camraderie? This week, you will learn about ethics and the benefits and challenges of cultural diversity in the workplace. Learning Outcomes By the end of this week, you will be able to: Explore the impact of ethics and values in leadership upon self, the company, the employees, the community, and the global marketplace
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Reading Course Text: The ethics of leadership by Joanne B. Ciulla o Chapter 6, "Moral Leadership and Culture" Chapter 6 focuses on the premises on which leadership is built. The chapter also explains the role of moral values, cultural practices, and beliefs of a society in creating leadership. Focus on the articles on anthropology, moral isolationism, leadership values, and human rights. Review the subject-specific case studies given in the chapter. Course Text: Principle-centered leadership by Stephen R. Covey o Chapter 26, "Total Quality Leadership" Chapter 26 focuses on the transformation of management and explains why principle-centered leadership (PCL) is important for an organization. Focus on the components of the total quality program and the foundation for transformation. o Chapter 27, "Seven Habits and Deming’s 14 Points" Chapter 27 focuses on the seven habits for implementing Deming’s 14 Points. The chapter also explains the reasons why interdependent systems cannot be improved. Focus on
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Week 6 - Week 6: Diversity, Ethics, and Culture...

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