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Name: Nathan Ellis Box#:___621____ R&D (Research & Development) 4 researching the word, developing the soul Please type your responses to the following questions: 1. According to the Logos Old Testament Survey Series , what is the main difficulty with the chronology of Judges? What does "compression" mean? The Book of Judges’ chronological structure is very difficult to understand and leads to confusion. The opening verse talks about the death of Joshua and it seems to imply that everything past that point is history that occurred after Joshua’s death. Some of the content of this book, after the opening verse, has already been described in the Book of Joshua and the death of Joshua is even narrated a second time. Also, in the last five chapters are recorded the Danite migration and the civil war against the tribe of Benjamin, which is written of in the Book of Joshua, so that also much be writing about an even happening before Joshua’s death. Judges is said to have been written concerning 370 years of history. Scholars who believe in the late date
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RnD4 - Name: Nathan Ellis Box#:_621_ R&D (Research...

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