ACC 220 WEEK 5 DQ 2 - expenses relative to the budgets...

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Week 5 Discussion Question 2 Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum Post your response to the following: Select a management function (planning, directing and motivating, or controlling) and explain how that function relates to business as a whole. Next, select a different function listed by a classmate. Discuss with your classmate how the functions you each selected complement each other.
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In today’s economic climate and competitive business environment, maximizing the output from existing resources whilst containing costs is is one of the keys to business success or failure. Containing cost falls under the business discipline of Financial Controlling. It is the overall management of a company’s financial resources; the monitoring and reporting of it’s costs and
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Unformatted text preview: expenses relative to the budgets. Financial Controlling functions include planning and analysis, financial accounting, controlling of working capital, allocation of financial resources and financial reporting. Financial Controlling, the management of a company’s costs against the associated budgets; where the budgets are developed from analysis performed in Business, Operations and Financial Planning. Financial planning determines how a business will afford to achieve its strategic goals; creates a Financial Plan to support the company’s objectives and creates operational budgets for effective Financial Controlling and Reporting....
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ACC 220 WEEK 5 DQ 2 - expenses relative to the budgets...

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