ACC 220 WEEK 9 CAPSTONE DQ - Accounting is a very strong...

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Week 9 Capstone Discussion Question Due Date: Day 3 [Main] forum Post your response to the following: Think back over what you have studied and learned in this course. Do you have a new perception of or appreciation for the field of accounting and how it contributes to business? Explain.
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Accounting is the language of business. A person who is educated in accounting should be able to understand any type of business and run that business successfully for themselves or help someone run their business with their knowledge of accounting. A properly trained accountant can tell a company within a 95% degree of accuracy whether or not that company is likely to go bankrupt within three years unless they change the way they are doing things.
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Unformatted text preview: Accounting is a very strong discipline and offers a person much opportunity to advance in the world of business. There are so many different things a well educated accountant can do in a business. An accountant can help a new small business owner set up their books as well as all the other documents and procedures that that company may need in order to comply with all the necessary Federal and State tax laws as well as local laws and regulations. This can include the money handling within that company and can show the owner how best to build their business from the inside out and how to protect the property owned by the company from employees as well as from people outside the business...
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ACC 220 WEEK 9 CAPSTONE DQ - Accounting is a very strong...

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