ACC 225 WEEK 9 CAPSTONE DQ - Week 8 Capstone Discussion...

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Week 8 Capstone Discussion Question · Due Date: Day 3 [Main] forum · Post your response to the following: A major network is launching a reality program called The Accountant. A group of recent accounting graduates will be competing for a spot in a national accounting firm. What would make someone a good candidate for The Accountant? Describe three challenges the candidates should complete on the program, using as much detail as you can. The challenges should test contestants’ skill in challenges related to topics covered in this course. Be creative. Describe how the challenge will test the contestant’s accounting skill(s) and knowledge as well as the skills the contestant should have to complete each challenge successfully.
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* A client has called you up saying they have acquired another business and don't know how to account for it. You don't either cos you're too new. Do you fluke the answer? You shd either pass the question to a superior altho' that wld show your ignorance, or the better thing to do is to read up on it (Business Combinations) and then discuss it with your superior before deciding who's to respond to the client. That way it shows you're diligent and don't run the risk of spoiling your firm's name by giving the client a wrong answer. * Your client's accountant comes to you and says he doesn't know how to perform consolidations. You do, but should you do it for him? Under the independence rules, you shouldn't. It's considered accounting work, not audit, and you're not supposed to audit your own work. * Your client has done something not quite right and he knows that you've noticed it. He asks
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ACC 225 WEEK 9 CAPSTONE DQ - Week 8 Capstone Discussion...

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