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"When much is expected from an individual, he may rise to the level of events and make the dream come true." — Elbert Hubbard Show Me My Circumplex The Humanistic-Encouraging scale measures our interest in people, our tendency to care about others, and our ability to encourage them to improve. Humanistic-Encouraging people are accepting of themselves, and accept others for who they are — without question or criticism. In fact, those scoring higher on this scale have unconditional positive regard for others. This absolute acceptance enables people to grow the most and take greater responsibility for themselves. Humanistic-Encouraging individuals believe they can assist others in fulfilling their potential by providing a supportive climate that inspires self-improvement. Although very high scores on this scale are uncommon, the Humanistic-Encouraging style is positive, healthy and effective. Those who use it are sensitive to people's needs, and will devote energy to counseling and coaching others. They have a refined knowledge of people, and demonstrate maturity and consideration when dealing with them. Humanistic-Encouraging people gain satisfaction through seeing others grow, and typically form meaningful relationships. Their willingness to take time with people makes them excellent leaders, managers and teachers. In general, this style is characterized by: A focused concern for the growth and development of people Appreciation of the strengths in others, and belief in their potential for improvement Optimism regarding what people can accomplish A nurturing approach to relationships The willingness to assist others with self-improvement The ability to inspire and motivate others The Humanistic-Encouraging Manager Humanistic-Encouraging managers inspire their subordinates to think, grow and take responsibility for themselves. They do this by demonstrating belief in what their staff members can accomplish. These managers build problem-solving skills and confidence by asking insightful questions designed to help subordinates arrive at their own solutions. Humanistic-Encouraging managers consistently show faith in their subordinates' ability to improve themselves, and actively support their efforts. As a management style, Humanistic-Encouraging is highly effective at obtaining measurable, bottom-line results: subordinates easily develop respect for these managers, and are motivated to achieve and sustain peak performance levels. Your Results on the Humanistic-Encouraging Style Your results on this style, as indicated by the , are in the high range. Thus it is likely that you'll find the following to be descriptive of you: Humanistic-Encouraging Scores in the High Range You believe that you can help people improve, and enjoy guiding and supporting their efforts. Because this style represents the most effective use of such human relations skills as listening and demonstrating genuine concern for
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LSI_Expanation - The Humanistic-Encouraging Style...

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