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LSI_Result_Paper_V1 - After finishing the LSI Style...

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After finishing the LSI Style Interpretation for this class I was identified as have the humanistic- encouraging style as my top style with a score of 38 which placed me in the top 93 percent of persons who took the interpretation. My second top style was the affiliative style in which I scored 37 and placed in the top 90 percent of persons who took the interpretation. After contemplating my work / leadership style(s) and comparing how I interact with co- workers and subordinates, I agree with the results and will further discuss my reasoning in this paper. First, I will discuss the humanistic- encouraging style. As depicted on the description of the humanistic- encouraging style, scoring high on the humanistic – encouraging scale is “positive, healthy and effective”. The high score shows that I am “sensitive to people’s needs, and will devote energy to counseling and coaching others”. The scale itself measures the takers interest in people and the tendency to care about others. It also measures the takers ability to encourage others to improve. As stated on the description, since I scored as high as I did I should “ have an unconditional positive regard for others”. . I completely agree with the results of the survey and am confident that others who work with me will agree with the results too. During professional growth counseling’s I have been told that I always look towards the best in people and often try to look past short comings. This tendency can be a double edge sword though. I tend to always believe that people are good and can do good if given enough self-confidence in their ability to be successful. One of my tops goals is to make my subordinates believe they are a part of team trying to accomplish something bigger than what is displayed in local results. Often this is helpful in encouraging them to do better. My general attitude towards encouraging others to be successful is directly characterized the survey results. Again, referring to the description of the humanistic- encouraging style it list
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that I should have an “optimism regarding what people can accomplish, a focused concern for
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