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GM 591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Topics for Term Papers These are only suggestions. The best project is one focused on improving conditions in one's  own organization.   Focusing on an employee productivity problem. Investigating employee turnover in a department or division. Determining why employee job satisfaction is low. Applying job design theory to improving the motivating potential score in a functional or work  process area. Evaluating reward systems and their impact on performance. Looking at diversity in an organization and how it affects performance. Appraising a manager’s motivation methods and how they influence performance. Review the decision-making process in organizations.
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Unformatted text preview: • Concentrate on the communication process and how it affects the organization to achieve its goals. • Look at how power and politics is impacting an organizational unit in terms of achieving the firm’s goals. • Evaluate a leader’s leadership style and implications for performance and satisfaction. • Evaluate organizational group conflicts that inhibit achievement of important objectives. • Analyze a change effort in the organization. What went well? What went wrong? What should they have done? • Determine the best organizational culture-style (in the context of the OCI) to optimize corporate objectives. • Creating High Performance Organizations...
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  • employee job satisfaction, Motivating Potential Score, Organizational Behavior Topics, Evaluate organizational group, best organizational culture­style, employee productivity problem

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Topic_Ideas_for_Course_Project - • Concentrate on the...

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