Week 2_Assignment - Week 2: Perception, Attribution,...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 2: Perception, Attribution, Motivation Theories and Performance (Sep 04 - Sep 11) Week 2 Introduction Where Have We Been? Last week's readings built the foundation for the course through introducing and defining the core concepts of organizational behavior, and we gained insight into the primary characteristics of organizations, including mission, culture, and diversity. We were also introduced to the management process from a very high level. We shifted our focus from the macro level of the organization to the micro level of the individual, exploring individual differences, personality, values, emotions, and attitudes, concluding with a discussion of what constitutes job satisfaction. Where Are We Headed? Each week builds on the previous week(s), and this week we continue our exploration of the individual. Our TCO focuses on motivational theories and their application. However, as you will discover, there is an incredible breadth to the study of motivation. As you begin your readings this week, one of our first topics may have a familiar feel. Many of you, I am sure, have touched on reinforcement theory before, but it bears examining in depth. We move quickly into a broad array of motivational theories and I encourage you to read closely. The theories overlap in some respects but each has its own distinction and they lay the groundwork for our review of motivation and its intersection with, and impact upon, job performance. Our first discussion question of the week covers these topics in depth through a review of John Wood and his non-profit organization Room to Read. Again, each week builds on the previous week(s), and our second discussion topic, while specifically geared toward performance management, is set against the backdrop of a company striving to overcome the settlement of a discrimination suit through developing policies and practices to enhance diversity and cultural awareness. We clearly cover new ground this week, but will actively integrate and build upon last week's learning. You will find that this pattern of building upon previous weeks repeats itself throughout the course and I encourage you to actively recall and apply previous topics throughout the session. The interweaving of our individual "threads" helps us build a strong tapestry of knowledge by the end of the session....
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Week 2_Assignment - Week 2: Perception, Attribution,...

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