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The change within one of my previous organizations was the process of moving from one CRM software to a new software. The old CRM was considered outdated and inadequate by the management and thus in need of replacement. I do not know the details or the statistics associated with the old version regarding usage, crashes, loss of information, or anything outside of what I used it for. I was happy with the old CRM and used it as a phone representative who took orders and tracked customers and contacted them for new sales. I did not have any issues with the old software and instead found it easy to use, and worthy of keeping. From what I gathered from other customer phone techs – the software was not in need of replacement and they found the process of upgrading to the new CRM unworthy of need. Regarding Kotter’s Eight Step Change Management Model. Step 1. Establish the need for urgency- Required Actions - perform market analysis, determine problems and opportunities, use techniques to focus people’s attention on the importance of change to meet these challenges. Observed Actions- I feel that this step was taken. I think there was a market analysis that determined the need for new CRM Software based on interaction between them different departments. I also feel that the problems were identified but not necessarily departments specific problems. If more focus would have been applied to the step I think the need for the CRM software would have been less significant than that which was briefed to the
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Week_5_Koters_8_step - The change within one of my previous...

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