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How can you effectively communicate change throughout the organization? What are the things you need  to consider when communicating change? In order to communicate change effectively throughout the organization you would have to have a method for identifying what information is needed at what department and then find a way to post that information to them. I have argued the usage of Company Portal Page throughout this class since it has shown great advantages in my experiences. It allows information to be uploaded and shared in near real time and can be restricted or openly shared as need. The communication strategies listed on Table 10.9 on page 304 of the text are Spray and pray, Tell and sell, Underscore and explore ,Identify and reply, Withhold and uphold. I tend to favor tell and sell as the most favorable of communication during a change since “information is provided to staff, but limited to core organizational issues”. This communication strategy allows management the flexibility to push information on the change out to the staff, yet tailor the information towards selling the change. Using a company portal page you can almost get away with spray and pray since the user is able to sort through, filter, and find the information that is important to them. However, using the tell and sell strategy the management could still post to the portal page on the change and then shoot
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