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I tried real hard not to write the same items that Timothy wrote on his post since he pretty much nailed this one. I would add to this list that he produced that the managers, leaders, and supervisors would need to support the change and more or less embrace it in front of the workers. They would need to talk it up, show how it helps and improves the ability to do the job, and if needed – communicate any issues being experienced up the chain and follow through until the issue are fixed. If those in the leadership get out and ‘publically’ talk about the change and show support then it’s less likely to fade away. This question about how to measure change brought up an interesting example that the Army is going through right now. About 8 months ago the Army officially implemented a new Physical Training program and went away from the 15+ year old program. The new training was called Physical Readiness Training and adopted a more aerobic approach. What made me think of this
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