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Erika, I can feel the frustration though your example you have posted. (Smile). You are mention two important elements that are interconnected in bringing about the high level of frustration that your organization is feeling. One the management of the change. You mentioned that your new leader is not making himself known to the public. In my experience a leader needs to connect with those of the staff and talk with those affected by change. The change will remain the same, but issues identified during the change will be brought to light faster. The overall psychological effects of the change will be lessened by the new leaders exposure. By interacting, the appearance of a ‘top – down directed change’ will be diminished to a ‘Let’s go through this together’. In my experience this lessened the resistance and improved the willingness of others to try to make things worked. The second element that I noticed was how the change was sprung on everyone. You stated that the older crowd lagged behind due to lack of training. I have read
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