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Unformatted text preview: An absolute brilliant post. As I read through the HP Story I did not pick up on how she lost focus but when I finished up your post and re-read the story I see what you are saying. I agree completely that to Fiorina lost focus as I often do with new projects. I think as a CEO she would have done better delegating more of the change down to advisor groups. She could have maintained lead, but I honestly feel that she took too much of the burden on herself. I agree with her approach to cater towards her big players like Ford and Boeing, but I think she thought too much of them to restructure the whole company. I would have suggested assigning a team to work directly with Ford and Boeing who specialized in Corporate Sales and who had strong Interpersonal Skills. Ensuring future sales goes a long way, but hurting the company in order to do it is just plain bad business. What I found brilliant about your post is how you read into the troubles that were formed prior to Fiorina's CEO start date and how they basically alienated her...
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