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Good post with information that I missed at first. I like the way you pointed out that "That being said I would think that if you already have a general idea of where you problem is being generated from or where the focus needs to be, internally or externally, you could better choose a model. " - I agree that knowing where the problems are coming from would help you decide which method to use. I am all about identifying what is broke before trying to fix it. (One of the main reason I avoid 'trying' to fix my car) :) - I have always tried to apply logic to problems and know that organizations have the tendencies to be tricky when trying to isolate an issue. I think it would be a challenge to find an organizational change issue that would be isolated to just internal problems, or just external. I think the majority would require a combination of both - thus I think Hybrid would be the most common solution to "true" organizational change issues. What do you think? By the way - thanks for the post and I look forward to reading your thoughts.
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