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Professor, I do not think I have an open mind towards change. I find change to be a bit terrifying. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I try to avoid change at all cost. I am a product of an aging system that has for the most part resisted change for the last 10 + years. Of course, all of that is starting to catch up with us now. I see change abundant these days with new policies, and procedures and acceptance all around me. I am anxious to make my final years in the Army so that I can find a place more in line with my ways. I am not sure exactly where that will be but I think
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Unformatted text preview: Government Contracting will be most likely way to go. I have had the chance to work with Government Contractors and admire the way they are able to deflect 90 percent of the work. Instead of getting down to business they remain protected by what is in the Scope of Work and what is not. – Just joking. I look forward to improving the way Government Contracts assist those in uniforms and hope to bridge a gap towards better relationships between the two. I have enjoyed the Army, can am certain that my resistance to change will one day get a me. The better of me....
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