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RMI 001 – Section 411 Summer Session 2005 Homework Assignment 1 20 points Due at the beginning of class Monday, May 23, 2005 Please follow the  Guidelines for Homework Document  that has been posted in the  Course Documents Section  of Blackboard. 1. Recall the following articles in the bulk pack:  Ready or Not  and  Vaulting  Olympic Risk. a. SOURCES OF RISK: Name and explain one source of risk that is related  to terrorism . (2 points) b. PERILS: Name and explain one related peril  for your source of risk noted  in part  a  of this question.   You must include an explanation of the loss  resulting from that peril. (4 points) c. HAZARDS: Name a type of hazard related to the peril you named. 
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Unformatted text preview: Explain why the example you give is an example of a hazard.(4 points) d. Is the risk of cancellation of the Olympic Games because of terrorist threat a pure or speculative risk? Explain your answer. (3 points) e. Is the risk of canceling the Olympic Games due to a terrorist threat a static or dynamic risk? Explain your answer. (2 points) 2. Refer to the article When Suicide Bombers Attack. (5 points) The author notes “Every corporation must conduct a threat assessment. By doing this corporations can identify their riskier facilities”. To what two steps in the risk management process is he referring? Explain your answer....
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