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RMI 0001 – Section 411 Summer 2005 Homework Assignment 3 25 points Due: Wednesday, June 1, 2005 at the beginning of class.  Please refer to the Guidelines for   Homework Document on Blackboard.  1. Refer to the article  Corporate Reputation: Not Worth Risking From an  ERM perspective , identify and briefly discuss two different loss exposures in  this case.  Are these loss exposures correlated or not? Explain.  Please refer to the  classification of loss exposures under ERM as noted in class.  [9 points] 2. Refer to the article  As Terrorism and Natural Disasters Loom, Securities Firms  Rushing to Create Command Centers .   a. Identify two different risk control methods that are illustrated in this article. [2 
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Unformatted text preview: points] b. For each example, indicate the specific type of risk control that is being illustrated. [e.g., is the risk control method you select an example of avoidance, loss prevention, etc.] [2 points] c. For each example, explain how the risk control method falls under the definition of risk control [e.g., think back to the goals of risk control methods in general we discussed in class and indicate how each example falls into one or more of these goals] In other words, why is your answer an example of a risk control option…. .you need to be as specific as possible and relate your answer to the article. [4 points)...
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