HomeworkAssignment5_Section411_Summer2005 - RMI 0001 –...

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Unformatted text preview: RMI 0001 – Section 411 Summer 2005 Homework Assignment 5 20 points Due: Monday, June 20, 2005 at the beginning of class. Please refer to the Guidelines for Homework Document on Blackboard. If you do not follow proper format, you will lose points. Please Note: On the second and third pages of this homework, there are prep questions for the Final Exam. Be sure to make these questions part of your study material for the second exam The article for each question is noted at the beginning of the question. 1. “The White Lie Syndrome” a. Name and define the ‘requirement of an insurable risk’ that is violated here. (2 points) b. Name, define and explain exactly what the violation is. (3 points) 2. “Judging How You Drive by Zip Code.” Based on your reading of this article: a. Identify and discuss one argument presented in this article justifying the use of...
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HomeworkAssignment5_Section411_Summer2005 - RMI 0001 –...

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