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RMI 0001 Summer 2005 Homework Assignment 6 26 points Due: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at the beginning of class.  Please refer to the Guidelines for   Homework Document on Blackboard.  1. Refer to the article,  Employees Step Up for Voluntary Benefits .  Indicate and briefly  discuss two advantages to employers or employees in the use of voluntary benefits.  (6 points) 2. Refer to the article,  Staying Insured in an Uncertain Job Market , and your  textbook.  Describe/discuss the role that both COBRA and HIPAA play in employee  benefits.  What problem is each law designed to solve? Explain. (6 points) 3. Refer to the articles,  HRAs: The Next Wave?  and  Free Health Care .  Explain the  economic rationale for the use of HRAs and other so-called Consumer Driven Health 
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Unformatted text preview: Care Plans. You should incorporate what you have learned in class as well as what you learn when you read in the articles. You may also want to refer to requirements of an insurable risk when answering this question. (6 points) 4. Refer to the article, Cost-Sharing and Tiered-Pricing: Shift or Shaft , and your textbook. a. Explain how (as cost containment devices) higher premium contributions differ from higher co-payments and deductibles. (4 points) b. Explain the use of tiered-pricing arrangements as a cost containment technique. What problem are these arrangements trying to control? (Hint: Consider the requirements of an insurable risk) (4 points)...
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