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Test One Study Guide - 1) 4 Ancient River Civilizations a....

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1) 4 Ancient River Civilizations a. The Tigris – Euphrates; 7000BC b. The Nile; 5000BC c. Hwang He – Yellow River – China; 2500BC d. Indus River; 2500BC 2) 4 Different Views a. Cosmology – Movement-Unmoved Mover; Effects-First Cause b. Ontology – God, the essence of being, created all being c. Epistemology – Knowledge – we can know God and final truth d. Teleology – Species, planets, etc. all seem to have a purpose e. Speciesism – Believe that all species are equal, and have equal rights f. Marxist View – Constant economic conflict of haves and have-nots. We must work for a classless society g. Post Modern – Everyone’s views are good for them, but none are final truth 3) Ecclesiastes 3:11 – God has a plan and no one knows everything 4) Isaiah 45:18 – God made the world to be inhabited 5) Romans 2:14,15 – Internal law is true 6) BCE = Before Common Era ---------- CE = Common Era 7) Bronze vs. Iron a. Iron is much stronger than bronze (copper and tin) b. The Ancient World only knew 7 metals, the modern knows 86 8) Zoroaster a. Prophet who reformed religion and created a new faith b. Born in 17 th century BC, circa 660 BC c. Made possibly the first ethical, monotheistic religion d. Some say it was dualistic i. Parts of Zoroastrianism 1. Ahura Mazda (Ormazd) a. Principle of truth; holy spirit 2. Ahriman a. Twin of Ahura Mazda b. Evil one 3. No ritual place, priests or temples 9) Roots of Our Alphabet a. Phoenician 22 letter alphabet b. Greeks added vowels A, E, I, O, U 10) Days of the Week Roman Latin Domingo Sunday Lunes Monday Martes Twis-day Miercoles Woodin’s-day Jueves Thor’s-day Viernes Freya’s-day Sabado Saturday
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11) Food Origins a. Wheat – Middle East b. Lentil – Middle East c. Banana – SE Asia d. Rice – SE Asia e. Oats – Europe f. Olives – Europe 12) Distinct Accomplishments of Cultues a. Sumerian i. Credited with inventing the first written language called cuneiform ii. Created ziggurats – towers constructed as terraces pyramids with
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Test One Study Guide - 1) 4 Ancient River Civilizations a....

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