Classroom Behavior and Expectations

Classroom Behavior and Expectations - to class until you...

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C LASSROOM  B EHAVIOR   AND  E XPECTATIONS     Enrollment in this course presupposes that you will prepare for class, attend class, be on time and  be engaged in the class lectures and discussions.  On-time attendance for every class is required. E LECTRONIC  D EVICES   IN   THE  C LASSROOM     Computers, Telephones, Blackberries, I-Pods, Earphones, and All Other Types of Electronic  Devices The use of these devices during this class is  strictly prohibited .  These devices may not be on  your person, on your clothes on your desk or in your work area during class.  You may not use  these devices during this class.  All electronic or communication devices must be stored in book  bag, purse, etc.   If I, a TA, or another classmate notes that you are using one of these devices during class, I will  stop what is going on in the classroom and I will ask you to leave the class.  You may not return 
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Unformatted text preview: to class until you see me to discuss this issue. If you need to be in communication with an outside party due to emergent or urgent circumstances, please see me before class and I will be happy to arrange an exception for you. I have a zero tolerance policy for text messaging or other electronic use during class. If you need to use your computer to take notes, please see me to discuss this. C LASSROOM B EHAVIOR As a class, we will not tolerate class disruptions of any type. I reserve the right to remove any student from this course if, in my opinion, his or her behavior is disruptive to me or classmates or the class environment in general....
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