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Homework Assignments - to hand in your own work Use your own ideas and words This means that cutting and pasting anything from another student’s

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H OMEWORK  A SSIGNMENTS     There   will   be   several   required   homework   assignments   given   throughout   the   semester.  Homework is due at the beginning of class .  Any homework turned in after class has started  will be considered late and will be subject to a penalty of a 25% reduction in your score.  Homework will NOT be accepted beyond 24 hours after it is due.  Please carefully review the  Guidelines for Homework Submission  Document posted on Blackboard for more information on  late homework. Please note that homework is graded in the same fashion as an exam.  You only receive points for   correct answers.  Simply handing in homework does not guarantee points . While I encourage you to have discussions with other students about these assignments, be sure 
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Unformatted text preview: to hand in your own work. Use your own ideas and words. This means that cutting and pasting anything from another student’s homework or using another student’s words or ideas constitutes plagiarism. If, in my opinion, two or more homework assignments from different students appear similar, I reserve the right to: 1) divide the homework points evenly among the students who have similar assignments or 2) give all students involved a failing grade for the homework or 3) give all students involved an F for the course. Please review the section regarding Academic Integrity ....
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