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K EEP  Y OUR  G RADED  M ATERIALS     I would advise keeping all assignments and exams that are returned to you during the semester.  This will be important if you have any question regarding your final grade.  If you have your  graded materials, it will be easier to answer any questions related to your final grade.  It is never  a good idea to discard your graded materials. R EPORTING  G RADES       I do not use Blackboard for grades or send grades via email or discuss grades on the telephone.  Exams and homework assignments are returned in class or in office hours.  Students may see me  in office hours to discuss any grading questions. F INAL  G RADES     Receiving Your Final Grade:  I do not use Blackboard for grades, or send grades via email or 
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Unformatted text preview: discuss grades on the telephone. The University posts all final grades. Questions about Your Final Grade: While I understand that you may want me to answer an individual email about your final exam grade or your final grade for the course, I know that you understand that this is not possible. If you have a question about your final grade after the grades are posted, email me and we can set up an appointment to discuss your grade in the next semester. If you are a graduating senior, you may have your advisor contact me to affirm that you are a graduating senior. After I have confirmed this status, we can discuss your grade via telephone conference....
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