Once you begin any midterm exam

Once you begin any midterm exam - Once you begin any...

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Unformatted text preview: Once you begin any midterm exam, you cannot forfeit that exam to take a cumulative final. Any student who misses or does not take both of the midterm exams will automatically fail this course. Cumulative Finals: Students who are required to take the cumulative final must arrange an appointment to see me to discuss preparation for the cumulative exam. If I do not see you for this preparatory meeting, I will not have an exam for you on the day of the final and you will not be able to finish this course. U NANNOUNCED Q UIZZES Goal: To help students to remain current in class readings and concepts discussed in class. This is crucial for your preparation for the exams. Logistics : The quizzes will be given at any time during class, will take 5 minutes and will not be announced in advance. • If you are late for class and the quiz has begun, you may begin the quiz when you arrive...
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